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About Us


So the little girl in your life has started her monthly cycle... say WELCOME to her new "Best Friend" by giving her a wonderful gift basket!!!! 

Started in 2017, Little2BigGirl started as a small gift idea to close friends and relatives in early 2000 from the owner, who has a B.S. in Community Health Education. Today, Little2biggirl is a unique gift making studio, offering modern style baskets that introduce girls to all the life-long essentials needed for her period. The baskets are inspired by the natural process that happens to young girls when they reach puberty stage. 

Little2biggirl loves to sell these baskets, because it not only makes a girl feel comfortable with starting her menstruation, it tends to open up the lines of communication regarding body change, emotions, self-imaging and what happens next. Little2BigGirl want girls to feel good about themselves, talk about changes in their life and keep the lines of communication open with their parents. It's not about feeling that her period is a dirty little secret, but about feeling comfortable with body changes and how to appropriately deal with those changes. It's a beautiful thing to see a girl maturing and seeing how she takes care of herself throughout this process. 

Being that puberty bears a likeness to the process of metamorphosis, as seen in a caterpillar to a butterfly, we call girls that have not started their period as a "Caterpillar". In turn, we refer to a girl that has started her period as a "Butterfly". So when you hear "Butterfly" just know that your girl has started her period!

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