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Why do we get periods?

- Around the ages of 9 to 13, all girls begin to go through a new stage in life… AKA puberty. During this time, we usually begin to grow hair in new places, go through a growth spurt, start to grow breast and you guessed it - get our periods. All of this is OK! This is just your body going through a new stage in life and getting you ready for adulthood.

How long do periods last?

- Typically periods last about a week. But it differs for everyone, so if yours lasts longer than a week or less than a week, do not be worried. All of our body’s function differently, just take this time to understand yours.

What is this pain that I am feeling?

- Some women and girls experience pain in their lower abdomen during their periods. These are called “cramps”. Some tips to mitigate the pain would be to take a nice hot bath to try to relax. Place a heating pack on the area that you are experiencing pain. If the pain is overbearing you can also use pain relieving medication such as Midol, Advil. etc. (with parents or Doctor's advice).

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