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Smell Like Flowers

OK, OK we all know that you can not literally smell like flowers unless you use perfume. However, it is important to smell as fresh as possible, at all times. During the time that puberty starts your body changes. One particular thing that starts to change is your bodies hormones. Hormones cause an increase in bodily grease, under arm, hair, pubic hair, nail growth and last but not least an increase in sweat gland activity, states "Dettol". If one goes without bathing these new developments taking place in your body will produce an odor. 

Why Keep Up With Your Hygiene

Keeping up with your hygiene has many benefits. Did you know that your body can serve as a nesting place for bacteria and parasites?! Yep, bacteria and parasites can live on the skin, hair and potentially enter the body through openings like the ear, nose, mouth and private areas. 

Having good hygiene not only reflects to others that you take care of yourself, but makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel pretty, happy and makes it easier to interact with others. HOW EXCELLENT IS THAT?! 

The down side of having poor hygiene is that it can make you feel as though your life is being flipped upside down/inside out. A person that suffers with poor hygiene is one that is suffering with body order. This person is showing to people that he/she is not properly taking care of themselves. A person that has body odor is more likely to be bullied and discriminated against; no one wants to smell another persons harsh odor. Being around a person with body odor can be offensive and create an uncomfortable environment for outsiders. However, before rushing to looking down on a person due to them lacking good hygiene, this person could have a deeper underlining issue. That's right, poor hygiene can be caused by certain types of medicine or medical issues. Body odor can give hints that a person might need to seek treatment from a mental health professional. Areas that you should pay particular attention to when washing is head hair, behind ears, mouth, underarms, private area, and between your toes... these areas are prone to giving off harsh odors if not properly cleaned. 


That's right guys, wash as much as possible. Not only to keep clean from diseases, but to be happy, pretty and treated in a respectful manner. 

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